Artem Agazhanov (composition, piano, chamber ensemble, workshops/lectures)

1958 – he was born into a family of musicians.

1965-1976 – he studied at Central Music School at Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory as a pianist and a composer.

1976-1984 – he studied at Moscow State P. I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory with the specializations “piano” and “composition”. His professors were V. Gornostaeva (piano) and S. Balasanyan, N. Sidelnikov (composition).

1981-present – artistic activities, performances in Russia and abroad.

1983-2007 – the teaching at Central Music School.

1984 – the membership in Union of Soviet composers.

2005-present – the professor at University in Sakuyo (Japan).

2009-present – the Head of Special music programs of Association of Tchaikovsky Competition Stars (Presidential Grants for support art projects of national importance in Russian Federation – 2009, 2011).


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