Practice of playing in symphony orchestra

Young musicians of Gnessin Summer School 2017 will be able to join the symphony orchestra.

To be an important part of a single musical organism, to interact with a large team, to learn to listen to others – you can do it creating beautiful music! Young musicians have a great opportunity (may be the first time) to experience this unforgettable project within Gnessin Summer School.

“Usually some of child already play quite professionally the pieces that we learn, so when for the first time a person becomes a part of the orchestra and hears around familiar music, he is different about this, he knows what to do. People understand how difficult it is with one side and how interesting with another”, – the conductor and art-director of Gnessin Summer School Mikhail Khokhlov notes.

– In the summer camps in Europe (Verbier festival, for example) children also play in symphony orchestras, but they are pre-selected on a competitive bases, so it is easier for them to play in orchestra. And among our participants some can be very young, they are the first time in such a situation where they need to play serious works at once”.

Apply for an orchestra

Program for the final concert of Gnessin Summer School (sheets will be sent in advance):

W.A. Mozart. Concerto for piano and orchestra № 15

  1. Rosenblatt. Symphony suite “Alice in Wonderland”
  2. Strauss. Waltzes. Polkas.

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