More than 20 specialties with leading teachers from Russia, Europe, Asia and America!

Gnessin Summer School 2017 offers training in a wide range of disciplines: piano, organ, vocal, strings, winds, percussions, baroque instruments, composition, improvisation, chamber ensemble, practice of playing in a symphony orchestra.

More about specialities and teachers of Gnessin Summer School

There are specialists from Russia, the USA, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands and Germany in the project. Among them you can find many names that are widely known in the field of Music education and professional performance – Alexey Lyubimov, Olga Martinova, Yuriy Martinov, Vladimir Pushkarev, Mikhail Khokhlov, Milda Agazaryan, Alexandr Belskiy, Tatiana Berkul, Alexey Lundin, Elena Berezkina, Olga Ivusheikova, Kordula Hacke, Benedek Csalog, Nadin Secunde, Hiroko Inoue and many others.

The program of Gnessin Summer School includes individual and group lessons, different lectures and seminars. Participants will demonstrate their successes during the concerts on stage of the historical Apraksin-Buturlin estate in the center of Moscow!


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