About our school

Moscow International Gnessin Summer School is:

  • Leading teachers from Russia and Europe: Alexei Lyubimov, Olga Martinova, Vladimir Pushkarev, Mikhail Khokhlov, Milda Agazaryan, Tatiana Berkul, Elena Berezkina, Olga Ivusheikova, Kordula Hacke, Benedek Csalog, Nadin Secunde and others
  • Studying in the Gnessin Moscow Special School of Music which  has the International title «All-Steinway School»
  • Practical activities in the symphony orchestra
  • Opportunity to play grand pianos «Steinway», «Fazioli» and «Yamaha», pipe German organ «Glatter-Götz», different baroque musical instruments
  • Accommodation just in the centre of Moscow close to Kremlin
  • The ability to find new friends, to get acquainted with Moscow, to become a “star” as Irish dancer or the champion of the tennis tournament
  • Any musician of any age and any speciality can become a participant of this course.

  • Every student of the Summer School will be given a certificate.
  • The participants of master-classes can join into ensembles according to their desires and levels. The teachers of the Summer School will help you to choose a required repertoire.
  • The students of the Summer School will be able to get individual lessons on piano and organ, wind, brass and percussion instruments, vocal and composition classes, harpsichord and hammerklavier. The lessons, where the students’ll get to know the basics of baroque music performance of XVII-XVIII centuries, will be held by professors of the Historical and Contemporary Performance Dept of the Moscow State Tchaikovskiy conservatoire.Harpsichords and hammerklaviers made by best european masters will be provided for students during the course.
  • Performers of any speciality will be able to play in an ensemble with the harpsichord and get acquainted with main principles of baroque performances of the XVII-XVIII century music during their individual lessons with the professors of the baroque department.
  • Any musician of any specialties will be able to take a part in different ensembles: with piano, harpsichord or organ.
  • There is also Passive Participant Subscription which allows to attend any lessons and concerts of the Summer School including arts and crafts classes (note that the group lessons are paid separately).
  • On the first day of the Summer School there will be an Opening Concert where the professors of the Summer School will perform.
  • During the 11 days of the Summer School week there will be seminars and group lessons based on special methods of certain professors, various concert programs and the tennis tournament.
  • All students of the Summer School will get a chance to participate in a final concert as soloists, member of ensembles or of the orchestra.
  • There is a guest house situated in the upper floors of the school building. There is a cafeteria in the building.


  • For participation in the Summer School one should take no less than 5 individual lessons.
  • For participation in an ensemble it is necessary to attend no less than 5 classes.
  • Ensembles will be formed by the professors of the Summer School according to the level of participants and taking their desires in account.
  • The scores of the pieces will be sent in advance.
  • Each participant should prepare 3-5 pieces of different characters (preferably from differents epochs and styles).
  • All participants can take additional lessons with any professor of the Summer School
  • All participants can attend any group lessons (paid separately) and seminars.
  • It will be daily orchestral practice in the Summer School where participants will play in the symphony orchestra together with professors of the Summer School.
  • It will be formed groups of creative development for the youngest children in the Summer School (age category 7-10) with individual programs (see Section Group of creative development “Young Gnessin”)
  • It will be formed 3 groups (younger, middle and senior) for Irish Dance classes) with fitness elements in the Summer School. The teachers and parents of participants may participate in the senior group.

AGES for accommodation groups

First group: from 6 to 13 inclusively. Only those children who are accompanied by an adult (legally responsible) can be provided an accomodation within the school building.

Second group: children from 14 years old can live on their own (without accompanying) in 2-3 bed rooms.


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