Learning opportunities in the Summer School:

  1. The participant can choose 5 and more lessons on their special instrument (with the exception of the lessons with teachers who hold author’s courses – see item 3)
  2. Along with these 5 lessons, the participant can add other subjects on their choice
  3. The participant chooses separate training courses:
  • «Elena Berezkina Workshop (piano)»
  • «Olga Ivusheikova School of Flute»
  • «International Creative Workshop of Percussion Instruments PercaRus Duo»
  • «Four-hands» club for pianists
  • Choir Class
 Entrance fee

3 000 RUB

The price for one individual lesson (60 min)

4 000 RUB

Elena Berezkina Workshop (piano)

from 18 000 RUB

International Creative Workshop of Percussion Instruments PercaRus Duo

from 10 000 RUB

Olga Ivusheikova Flute School

from 26 700 RUB

Choir Class

8 800 RUB

«Four-hands» club for pianists

6 500 RUB

An accompanist for one rehearsal (45 min)

1 500 RUB

One rehearsal with an accompanist plus a concert performance

2 000 RUB

The payment for the studying in Gnessin Summer School from the foreign citizens:

  • All participants should pay an entrance fee (3 000 RUB) along with tuition fees on arrival in Moscow.
  • Payment is made in cash to the Organizing Committee
  • Payment is made in rubles at the rate of Central Bank of Russia.

Additional services:

  • Making an invitation for a visa (if a participant requires visa support). Cost – 2000 RUB
  • Hotel accommodation at Gnessin Summer School.
  • Teachers & Workshop

  • Concerts

  • Оrchestra

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